Added Site Services


WordpressLooking to blog? Want a site you can easily expand and maintain via the WordPress Admin panel? Why not have your own blog as part of your own web site! Reap the benefits of frequently updated blog content with the search engines! Select from a number of available blog plug-ins or let us install and configure custom plug-in selections for you. Allow your visitors to comment – and create an interactive user community right on your site. With Our custom web site design and web site development services, we can show you how!

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you are looking to maintain your own web site – perhaps specific portions of your site that have volatile content, or maybe the entire site – a Content Management System (CMS) is what you are looking for. Through a private administrative interface you access via login and password, you can maintain your site content, add or change text, images, video and more. Add pages or sub-pages, remove pages or sub-pages, and have your site navigation updated automatically. With a CMS, you can still have the site you want – but you can update it the way you like, when you want to do it – completely on your own. Of course, we are always there if you need us. We can show you how easy web site self-maintenance can be – just ask us!

Mobile-Friendly Conversion

If you have a web site that isn’t already mobile-friendly (or responsive in nature), you are really missing out! It is a fact that Google ranks sites that are responsive or mobile friendly higher than those that are not. Additionally, more searches are performed today on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers. If your site is not currently responsive or mobile-compatible, we can help – and make this easy on you! We have several options available to convert existing web sites into responsive or mobile-friendly web sites. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

eCommerce Solutions

Want to open an online store? Have an online storefront already, but need some enhancements or fixes? Our web site design and web site development professionals can help! We partner with a number of shopping cart and merchant account providers and can define a solution that is best for your needs, your projected product and customer growth, and your budget. Plus, we have experience providing web site maintenance services using a variety of cart providers. Let us show you how easy it is to setup shop on the World Wide Web! Contact us today!

We feature:


HTML Emails & NewslettersHTML Emails & Newsletters

You don’t have to be a corporation or big-box retailer to include professional-looking HTML emails in your marketing mix. Complete with custom graphics and quality content written by real web site copywriting professionals, your emails will make a lasting impression on subscribers. Let us show you how to make a dramatic impact with HTML emails!


Social MediaSocial Media

Get social today with the help of Worry Free Web Sites!  Expand your network and potential customer base with friends following you on Facebook, Google + and Linked In; keeping current with all your latest news and specials on Twitter and your Blog; showcasing your latest videos on your own You Tube channel. It doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, it can be fun and rewarding. Let us show you how today!


Why settle for unfocused, poorly written web site content, articles or press releases when you can have professionally written, targeted content – written for you by web site copywriting professionals. Content that is both people friendly and search engine friendly – content that works well to market your site, your products and your services! Web site copywriting is included in all of our web site design and web site development packages, and as an added service for all other web site hosting packages. Let us show you what quality content can do for your site!

Autoresponder Setup & Integration

Stay in touch with past customers and prospective customers with the help of an autoresponder. With autoresponder messages written just for you by our web site copywriting professionals, your prospects can be sent targeted messages in sequence at defined time intervals. You’ll raise name and brand awareness and enjoy the opportunity to increase sales. Let us help you market effectively and grow your revenue stream!

Search Tools

Have a lot of content on your site? A search tool might be the easy answer to your dilemma. Sometimes implementing complete site navigation on every page of a site – even if well designed by a professional web site design company – is just not possible on really large sites. A search tool might just be what you need to make complete access to your site’s content easier and quicker. Let our web site design and web site development professionals show you how this tool can really benefit your site and your visitors’ experience!

Online Surveys & Polls

Curious? Ask your audience! Let us implement surveys and polls on your web site. From the simple to the complex. Our web site design and web site development team can implement strategically placed polls and surveys to garner your visitors’ opinions. Paired with custom web site copywriting written just for you, online polls and surveys can help you manage your business direction better by knowing what your visitors are saying. We can help – let us show you how!

Integrated Audio & Video On Your Site

Have a video you’d like on your site? Perhaps an audio interview or music? Our web site design and web site development professionals can help – and often times with no impact to your current site’s bandwidth, your current hosting company or additional hardware requirements. Let us show you how easy it can be to add audio and video to your site!