Looks Good – But Does It Look Good To The Search Engines?

So you got a new web site; that is exciting! But have you looked under the hood, so to speak? Probably not. And if you did, would you know what you are looking at? The fact is, most people are primarily concerned with how a web site looks visually – probably not so much how it looks underneath and how it looks to the search engines. These too are very important. The sad fact is there are many companies out there who build nice looking web sites. But, when you take a deeper look, you find some serious issues. Issues […]

Does Your Web Site Work?

The question of whether or not your web site really WORKS is actually quite multi-faceted. The base question of does your web site work is, in itself, very important. Do you know? We can review your web site for you and report issues, complications, recommendations, and improvements needed. Contact us today to get a complete web site review. The question of whether your site works for your SITE VISITORS is a bit beyond that. Sure, your site must be free of the issues and complications that our comprehensive site review can tell you, but it also must WORK for your […]

Want To Maintain Your Own Site Content?

If you are looking to maintain your own site content, you CAN – and we can help! We offer several solutions that make maintaining your site content quick and easy. Your site is made up of multiple pages – and each page has a main content area that is likely comprised of text, graphics, photos and links. The quickest and easiest thing for you to do to update your site pages is to email or call us when you need site updates. As your on-call webmaster, we are here when you need us. Simply call 1-866-798-6977 and we will be […]

Quality Content Is Still The Rule

With all the changes that have occurred with Google recently, one thing is still for certain: Quality content is still essential. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to have a good looking site that is easy to navigate, with quality underlying code as well. But you also must have a site that presents quality content. Content that is informative and reads well for visitors. Does your site? Take a quick read of your site and find out for yourself. Your content should not be overly stuffed with keyword phrases, or sound awkward when read aloud. It should […]

Does Your Site Look Good And Function Properly?

No matter what kind of web site you have, it is paramount for your site to look good and function well. In fact, the web site development company and webmaster you choose is critical to the success of your site. Broken links, complex or missing page navigation, pages that do not display properly, missing or disproportioned images, pages that take too long to load, a frames-based site, or a mostly Flash-based site – all of these are serious issues for both human usability and search engine visibility. These issues can have a dramatically negative impact on your site’s effectiveness and […]

The Single Biggest Thing For Your Online Presence…

You might be asking: what is the single biggest thing that can help my web site in terms of both usability and search engine visibility. The answer to that may be a bit broad, but it is true: QUALITY. A quality web site will go a long way to making your users happy, and making search engines happy too. If you want to sell your house, you spruce it up. You paint, clean the floors, clean and organize your rooms and closets, cut the lawn, trim the bushes, and plant some fresh flowers. All of these things work together to make your […]