What Is YOUR New Year’s Resolution?

We all make resolutions for the new year. It may include such wonderfully life improving (albeit difficult) things as quitting smoking, losing weight or exercising more regularly. But take a look at your web site. Do you need to make a resolution about it too? Just ask yourself these ten simple questions… (1) Does your site feature outdated news, events or other old site content?  (2) Do you have an outdated copyright date on every page? (3) Did you intend on completing those blank pages – or pages that just say “Coming Soon” on them in 2007….but just never got […]

Get A Custom Facebook Business Page Today!

Are you on Facebook? Or, more clearly, is your business on Facebook? Facebook is the powerhouse social media mechanism that has the unique ability to help boost your business! As users sign-up to ‘like’ your page on Facebook, they will be kept informed of you, your business and what’s happening with you on Facebook. By interacting with those who ‘like’ you on Facebook, sharing comments and providing helpful tips, you have the potential to attract more customers — and thus more business. One of the many benefits of social media, particularly Facebook, is that there are no ongoing costs! It’s true – once your […]

Searching For A Quality Web Site Development Company?

A web site is essential in today’s business world – whether you are a small retail business, a large manufacturing company, or an online merchant. A web site, if developed, hosted and maintained properly, is a great investment and a good “bang for the buck” as compared to other more traditional marketing avenues. A quality web site can bring new customers to your door over and over with a relatively small initial investment, minimal ongoing cost and limited amount of ongoing work. When shopping for a web site development company, keep these helpful tips in mind… #1 – WORK WITH […]