Does Your Web Site Work?

The question of whether or not your web site really WORKS is actually quite multi-faceted. The base question of does your web site work is, in itself, very important. Do you know? We can review your web site for you and report issues, complications, recommendations, and improvements needed. Contact us today to get a complete web site review.

The question of whether your site works for your SITE VISITORS is a bit beyond that. Sure, your site must be free of the issues and complications that our comprehensive site review can tell you, but it also must WORK for your site visitors. It must be easily navigable, easy to use, quick to display, and easy to read and follow. Usability and user friendliness are key. And so is mobile-friendliness. With over 60% of users using some type of smartphone or tablet to access web sites today – and Google now considering mobile friendliness as one of their key indicators for ranking a site – your site simply must be mobile-friendly. Not to worry – We can help!

Additionally, your site must work for YOU! It has to represent you well, look clean and professional, be up-to-date and display well. You need clear calls to action throughout, and you need a site free of clutter. Take a look at your web site. What does it say about you?

Finally, your web site must work for the SEARCH ENGINES. Some people may come directly to your web site as a result of a conversation, your business card, or direct marketing or advertising efforts you are doing. But, search engines can be the primary source of traffic to your site. This could potentially be a lot of traffic! What do the search engines say about your web site?

If all of this just sounds overly complicated, we can help. Contact us today and we can help make your web site WORK — for YOU, for your SITE VISITORS and for the SEARCH ENGINES. We can help make your web site truly worry-free!

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