Get A Custom Facebook Business Page Today!

Are you on Facebook? Or, more clearly, is your business on Facebook?

Facebook is the powerhouse social media mechanism that has the unique ability to help boost your business!

As users sign-up to ‘like’ your page on Facebook, they will be kept informed of you, your business and what’s happening with you on Facebook. By interacting with those who ‘like’ you on Facebook, sharing comments and providing helpful tips, you have the potential to attract more customers — and thus more business.

One of the many benefits of social media, particularly Facebook, is that there are no ongoing costs! It’s true – once your initial fan page is setup and in place, you will be able to manage your Facebook account yourself. No ongoing hosting fees, no maintenance fees – and no fees paid to Facebook. It’s essentially free following initial setup!

If you have an existing Facebook account, we can work with that. Or, we can setup a new Facebook account for you.

We will design and develop a custom Facebook Fan Page (now called a Facebook Business Page) that will mimic the look of your site. We will design and build a custom Welcome page that allows you to present a consistent professional appearance from your web site to your Facebook page. We also customize other tabs in your Facebook account to ready you for active social interaction with your fans.

Pricing is project specific; a one-time fee for design and development of your fan page is less than you think. We even provide Facebook overview training via the telephone if you need it.

We will discuss your specific needs and desires – and show you some of the many examples of fan pages we have designed for others.

Call us toll-free at 866-798-6977 to get started today – or contact us online.

And don’t forget to visit our fan page and click the like button! Click here to find us on Facebook now.

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