Looks Good – But Does It Look Good To The Search Engines?

So you got a new web site; that is exciting! But have you looked under the hood, so to speak? Probably not. And if you did, would you know what you are looking at?

The fact is, most people are primarily concerned with how a web site looks visually – probably not so much how it looks underneath and how it looks to the search engines. These too are very important.

The sad fact is there are many companies out there who build nice looking web sites. But, when you take a deeper look, you find some serious issues. Issues that can dramatically impact search engine visibility of your web site.

Experienced web developers understand the core elements that need to be present for the search engines to see your web site in a positive light. The less of these elements your site has – or the less your site has correct – the less positive your site looks to the search engines. Most of us count on search engine referrals to provide a steady flow of customer leads. Why would you want your new web site to potentially impact that?

Some of these things are very simple to implement. They are not mysterious or magical. Your web developer should just know to do them – and do them correctly. But you ask: why would they be missing or done incorrectly? Lack of real knowledge of web sites. Lack of understanding of current search engine requirements. Hurried work. Lack of attention to detail. Who knows.

But they sounded like they knew what they were saying in the sales presentation – and the web sites they showed us looked very nice. Did you expect them to sound clueless to win your business, or to show you bad looking web sites? Of course not. But you need to do your homework too – to make sure you really get what you pay for. And to make sure they really know what they are talking about – and they do their job properly and completely

Look under the hood of your web site. If you see something like this:
title Our Services – CompanyNameCompanyName /title
(This should be a very brief line introducing the page you are viewing, specific to the page and the company – not this mess. Search engines use this in displaying search results. Is this how you want your page to show in Google?)

Or this:
meta name=”description” content=”Just another WordPress site”
(This should be a brief description of the page you are viewing – not this. Search engines use this text when displaying search results. Is this how you want your page description to show in Google?)

You definitely need to ask your web developer why.

Unsure what you are looking for, ask us. We have fixed many messes left by other web developers, and we can help you too. Or, we can just give you an impartial site analysis that you can use to go back to your web developers to make things right. Contact us today toll-free 866-798-6977. We will be happy to help however we can.

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