Navigability Is Vital

One of the most important aspects of what can be considered “a good web site” is the navigability of the site. If a user finds your site to be difficult to use or navigate through, they won’t stay long. Take a look at your web site? Is it navigable? Is it easy to use?

A user must be able to clearly and quickly identify how to navigate through your site. This means there needs to be clear, understandable prominent navigation on your home page and all secondary pages of your site.

Whether you use text navigation or graphical navigation buttons, keep your navigation clear and simple! Buttons that flash, blink, make sounds or play music might seem exciting to you, but after a few clicks, the user will quickly tire of it – and such a user won’t stay long on your site. Use plain readable font that all users will be able to clearly see. And keep the size of your navigation text large enough for most users to clearly see.

Placement is vital too. Don’t cleverly conceal your navigation buttons – make them obvious to see and use. Make sure all your site pages have consistently implemented navigation. This might include more than just your primary navigation items. Ensure that, at a minimum, lengthy pages have navigation at the top and bottom of the page.

There are lots of tools and lots of experts today that can tell you a lot about web site navigability. All good “food for thought” – great information that will help you accomplish your overall objective. But the easiest way to check the navigability of your web site is to think like a user. Better yet – get an unbiased user to actually use your site! Watch them and listen to what they say when using your site. By doing so, you can learn a whole host of things about your web site – including just how navigable it truly is.

Having an easily navigable web site is no complicated mystery. But neither are the benefits you can enjoy with a web site that can be easily traversed by your site visitors.

Stay tuned for more of our blog postings intended to help you better understand what a good web site can really mean for you.

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