Quality Content Is Still The Rule

With all the changes that have occurred with Google recently, one thing is still for certain: Quality content is still essential.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to have a good looking site that is easy to navigate, with quality underlying code as well. But you also must have a site that presents quality content. Content that is informative and reads well for visitors.

Does your site? Take a quick read of your site and find out for yourself.

  • Your content should not be overly stuffed with keyword phrases, or sound awkward when read aloud.

  • It should be easy to read and easy to understand by your site visitors.

  • Try to use helpful headlines, short sentences, small paragraphs, and bulleted lists to enable a quick and easy read by your site visitors.

  • And always make sure that every page of your site leverages quality title tags, description tags, and keyword tags that are unique to each page, and specific to that page’s content.

With these helpful tips, you can be better assured that your site is attractive to both your site visitors and to the search engines like Google.

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