Visual Appeal Is More Than Just Bells & Whistles

In our last blog post, you learned that having good web site navigation was so important to a web site; not only for site visitor usability, but also for search engine friendliness and search engine visibility. Are you aware how your site looks is also important. Good web site design actually follows very closely with good site navigation.

Good web site design means that you have a good looking site that is easy to read and easy to use. Your design should be relevant for your site – the type of products and services you are offering and the type of content you are displaying. The look of your site should be relevant to what you are displaying on your site so that is makes the most sense to site visitors and does not detract from a visitor’s experience on your site.

The overuse of flashing or animated objects with your web site design, while seemingly fun and attention getting to you, can be actually quite annoying to your site visitors. If one of the goals of your web site is to get people to return over and over again, imagine how annoying all these flashing and animated objects are after just the third or fourth visit!

Remember, you can never go wrong with a clean and simple look. Your web site design need not be garish or overly flashy or animated – a clean and simple web site design can work well for first-time and returning site visitors.

If you do use Flash animation on your web site, remember to use it sparingly. Flash animation is typically used to deliver video-like images on a site, such as in the top portion of this page of our web site. It should be subtle and attractive; always ensure it is readable by your visitors and not just there because you think it looks cool. It should have a purpose within your web site design, even if for simply promotion of your products and services. There really is no need to overuse Flash animation; at some point, it can begin to detract from a user’s experience.

One final point on web site design – the look of your web site represents your company, your products and your services. It represents you in the middle of the night when you are not open. Make sure your web site looks like you would want any representative of your company, products and services to look when they represent you. If your web site does not, maybe it is time for a new web site design that DOES!

And if you’re not maintaining your web site, regardless of how nice your web site design is, your site will never achieve what it could if you would have ensured a solid web site management plan was defined and followed for your site.

Old content or never changing content will never excite your site visitors very much, particularly warranting a return trip to your site. With a solid web site management plan, you can keep your site updated and appealing to your site visitors. Whether you perform web site maintenance yourself, or you work with a company dedicated to helping ensure the upkeep of your site, a comprehensive web site management plan should be an integral part of your online presence.

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