Web Site Design & Development

Today, finding a web site design and web site development company — or a means to design and build your web site — is not difficult.

You will find a wide variety of individuals and companies offering web site design and development ,as well as web application development, today. And with today’s off-the-shelf and online site builder tools, it is true that just about anyone can design and build a web site. But are they all the same?

The simple answer is no.

Nothing compares to a custom designed and developed web site or web application built by a reputable web development company.

  • Custom site graphics lend a more professional appeal to a site and make your site truly “one of a kind”
  • Custom crafted code is more efficient for search engines to traverse and more efficient to maintain
  • Custom defined site navigation and site structure – unique to your site and your online needs – makes your site easy to navigate including drop-down navigation.
  • Custom written web site content from real web site copywriting professionals that clearly communicates your organization’s mission, what your products and services can offer, and draws readers in can produce genuine leads from your web site – and is the most effective at marketing your web site with the search engines
  • A well maintained web site provides more visitor interest, and search engine attraction too – nothing compares to a custom web site matched with a comprehensive web site maintenance plan
  • Get a custom site you can control yourself via a CMS, or one we professionally maintain for you.
  • Looking for a mobile-friendly (or responsive) web site? We have that covered too – with multiple approaches available.

We are not a menu-driven company. With a worry free web site, you buy a web site. You don’t buy a set number of files, photos or links. Your web site development project includes all work required to deliver your site in its entirety.

With a worry free web site, you’ll enjoy…

  • Custom web site design and graphics – Enjoy a web site design crafted just for you!
  • Custom site navigation – A site structure that uniquely meets your online needs and allows for easy page access
  • Custom web site content – Well written content from web site copywriting professionals
  • Protect yourself – Your site includes a Privacy Statement, Legal Notice and Terms & Conditions page (as needed)
  • Online forms – From Online Inquiry forms to Customer Feedback forms and Online Job Applications, online forms can add an interactive nature to your site – complete with custom field validation and spam prevention
  • HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, CGI, ASP, and PHP
  • Dynamic (self-maintained site content) web site development in ColdFusion, ASP and PHP, with MySQL or SQL Server databases
  • CMS – If you want a site you can update yourself, we have multiple CMS (Content Management System) options available.
  • Responsive – If you want a site that is mobile friendly (or responsive, meaning the web site display size automatically changes based on the size of display your site visitor is viewing it in), we can handle that too.

A quality web site is without compare. For a truly worry free web site, contact us today.