Web Site Hosting Can Be An Issue

Think about all the web site hosting companies out there today. Think they are all the same? Think again!

Hundreds, if not thousands, of web site hosting companies have popped up in recent years, and not all of them are created equal. Poor service from your host can mean that no matter how great your web site is – the damage from your site being down can be irreparable. Visitors are easily annoyed – and may simply never come back. If you’re an e-tailer, this can mean lost revenue – but even if you simply have an informational brochure site, down-time gives the impression that maybe your products and service are as bad as your hosting company’s!

At Worry Free Web Sites, our client sites have guaranteed uptimes. And all of our client sites are monitored 24/7, so if there is an issue, we are on it and resolving it as quickly as possible – most times before the client is even aware the site is down.

Cheap is cheap – and that means that cheap hosting usually comes with nothing but minimal bandwidth and marginal service. Do you really want your site hosted with a company who never answers their phones — or that you cannot even call! That is not the case when you host with Worry Free Web Sites. We answer the phone – and your questions and concerns! Clients can also reach us via email – 365 days a year!

So when considering where your site will be hosted – ask lots of questions upfront! Ask for a list of clients and contact them to see how happy they are with their service. And find out where the actual servers are located – it’s best if they are actually in the same country as your company, but this is often not the case.

After investing in a new web site, make sure you host with an quality dependable hosting company. At Worry Free Web Sites, you’ll pay a fair hosting fee – and you’ll be one happy customer, with a web site that is actually available!

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