What Does Your Storefront Window Say?

Whether you have a business on Main Street or an online presence… Whether you manufacture widgets or sell widgets online… Whether your web site is primarily for online representation of your business or you are actively selling merchandise online… You have a “storefront window”.

What does your “storefront window” say about your “store”?

Today, it is not only important to have a beautiful “storefront window” – adorned with fanciful window dressing and the highest quality merchandise – but you must also have the ”store substance” to back it up. Just what is “store substance”?

“Store substance” means a “store” that is logically organized, cohesive, attractively displayed, easily navigable, with merchandise or information about your company that is well labeled and clearly explained. It means plenty of useful and relevant information readily available to help visitors; well stocked inventory with good prices and fair shipping rates (as applicable); and customer service that is better than your competition – whoever they may be.

Let’s consider an example…

If you have a bussines on Main Street, jamming a bunch of mismatched merchandise together in your storefront window with little flair or common relevance – with virtually no descriptors or slogans – only serves to confuse passersby and leave them generally uninterested.

Conversely, an attractive well organized well thought out storefront window with a specific message and plenty of helpful relevant information to assist visitors can have a dramatic impact.

And both of these apply equally well to an online presence!

So, again we ask: What does your “storefront window” say about your “store”?

While you ponder this question, let’s consider some statistics…

A study performed in 2006 by The Center for Media Research estimated that 77% of adults in the US were online. Probably not a surprise to you – and likely a statistic that is higher today. A further study found that 87% of these online people rely on search engines as their primary means of locating websites!

What does this mean? It means you must have a web site that can be found in order to reap the rewards of an online presence. It means your web site must be appealing to BOTH site visitors and to search engines!

Over the next few posts to our blog, we will help you better understand what this means to you – and to your online presence.

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