What Is YOUR New Year’s Resolution?

We all make resolutions for the new year. It may include such wonderfully life improving (albeit difficult) things as quitting smoking, losing weight or exercising more regularly.

But take a look at your web site. Do you need to make a resolution about it too?

Just ask yourself these ten simple questions…

(1) Does your site feature outdated news, events or other old site content

(2) Do you have an outdated copyright date on every page?

(3) Did you intend on completing those blank pages – or pages that just say “Coming Soon” on them in 2007….but just never got around to it?

(4) Did you intend on making an improved effort in 2007 to performing more regular updates to your site…but just never did?

(5) Are the search engines seeing your site?

(6) Is your site tired looking — and sorely in need of a visual update?

(7) Tired of trying to maintain your site yourself?

(8) Are you having problems with your current webmaster? Can’t get work done in a timely manner – emails left unanswered, phone calls not returned?

(9) Is your site up and down most days? Do you have other issues with your current hosting provider?

(10) Looking for the latest in web technology to give your otherwise great site a real boost in terms of visual appeal, usability and search engine friendliness?

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, now is the time to do something about it! Make a New Year’s resolution to address those unresolved web site needs in 2008!

We can help! Looking for an experienced web site design and web site development company? Looking for a really dependable webmaster who can help you keep your site properly maintained, fresh and current? Looking for the latest enhancements for your site? Need a reliable web site hosting company? We can help you with all of this and deliver the kind of unfailing personal service you’ve dreamed of.

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